Midday enjoyment in desert safari Dubai

Desert safari Dubai is the best place to spend the amazing vacations. The desert of Dubai is extremely popular all around the world. It is quite an exciting reality because animals spotted in the wide desert include many species also. By visiting the desert safari Dubai you can also get knowledge about various animals there.

Safari desert Dubai is a bunch of fun and adventure! Being a very important place of UAE touristy, Desert safari Dubai not solely offers journey however this sandy landscape additionally offers unlimited prospects to get pleasure from the traditional Arab life. People from all over the world organize their trip to Dubai to get pleasure by experiencing its most amazing adventures.

Exciting Activities in Desert Safari Dubai:

This Desert safari Dubai tour can familiarize you how fascinating was the previous desert life!

Our Desert safari Dubai Captain can pick you up, from the hotel or chosen location, in a four wheel drive Land Cruiser. You may then be taken to the desert. In that one hour drive, find out how the current Dubai was originally a village initially and also the way it transformed to a trendsetting city. As you reach desert, take an initial break at the rest space for concerning 20-25 minutes.

Henna painting:

Henna painting is the tradition in most of the Islamic countries. Muslims in these countries use the Henna paste as a replacement for tattoos as tattoos are prohibited by Islam in the Islamic countries. People use Henna because it doesn’t negatively affects the skin and can be totally removed.

Evening Activities:

Now it’s time for a few evening entertainers! The Tanoura dance will be performed at the middle of the stage at first. Soon you’ll be invited to a BQ dinner. You’re liberated to taste the deserts provided after the dinner with BBQ dishes. Belly dance would be after the amusement show

Quad biking:

Quad biking is one of the unique adventurous sports in the Dubai desert safari. It is a four wheeled fun experience. This adventure has increased the value of Dubai in this modern world. It is a new kind of fun which people experience in the Dubai desert safari.

Camel Riding:

Tourists can’t return from Dubai desert safari without experiencing camel riding. It is one of the most famous adventures in the desert. Take a camel ride, enjoy the sunset while you’re on the very best sand dune going towards the camp where drinks and dinner awaiting you. This is often an additional personal way to experience the Dubai desert safari atmosphere.

Tanoura Dance:

Tanoura dance is a kind of folk dance which is very common in most of the Islamic countries. It is performed by many experienced dancers in a very beautiful way. The beat of tanoura is spiritual and the aim of the dancers is to reach the spiritual inner purity. One can enjoy this amazing activity along with BBQ dinner and belly dance. People can also enjoy the delicious desserts there. …

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Isn’t it amazing to be somewhere where you find peace in the surroundings? Does it give you the most relaxed and positive feel? Residing in Dubai or coming for vacations to spend some time in Dubai makes a person always on the go be it for shopping or theme parks. You must find yourself a relaxing yet adventurous start to the day. You don’t need to worry because morning desert safari makes sure to get one into the desert vibe fully. If you’re thinking to spend a day in the middle of the Arabian desert then go ahead and book us for a morning desert safari definitely worth the money. 


Well, everyone sick of the Dubai chaos wants to come at the morning desert safari to spend some time under the sky and enjoy the desert breeze. You might be taking it very lightly but there’s a lot more than you must’ve expected to do at a desert. Dubai has so much glamour and rich experiences that one needs some time away from it. To experience the very essence of the origination of Dubai which is a desert. Of course, Dubai has been converted into the worlds most top tourist destinations and we can expect some unique transformation for the desert landscape too. There are so many things to at morning desert safari to keep you busy and away from the hustle bustle of the city soaking you up in the desert vibes. 


Dune bashing at the morning desert safari has been one of the most thrilling yet challenging activities. Come early in the morning before sunrise and get into the car to get amazed with the beauty of dunes changing colors like the sky above you. It’s worth coming early and witnesses the vast spread beauty of the desert. 


It’s the most traditional feeling ever to ride on the camel across the desert. Morning desert safari gives you an opportunity to have a look of the breathtaking sunrise on the camel ride. It’s simply amazing to watch the sun rising behind the steep dunes, you can click pictures while on the camel. The camel walks at a slow pace so it won’t get any difficult to capture good pictures. The sunrise at the morning desert safari is worth each penny trust me. 


Biking in 4×4 is so much fun at the morning desert safari, it’s a rough and speedy ride across the landscape. You can freely move around and try to reach the very end of the desert which of course you cannot haha. Take along a friend so you can enjoy the company or have a competition with one of them. Unlike the rules on the road, biking at the morning desert safari is like having freedom for a day which is truly amazing. 

You can book us for your morning desert safari and enjoy the day away from

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