Florida Man, Worried About BLM Protests, Brings AR-15 and Handgun to Disney Vacation

A Florida man reportedly brought multiple guns to a family vacation at Disney World over fears about nearby Black Lives Matter protesters.

An unnamed 43-year-old man from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida brought an AR-15 assault rifle and a handgun, along with a large amount of ammunition, during a family trip on Labor Day weekend due to fears that his family could be in danger from protesters, according to a report from the Orlando Sentinel.

The paper reports that the man brought the carried the guns in a tennis bag while checking into the Polynesian Village Resort on September 5, citing a police report. The man was said to have a concealed weapons permit and was not arrested since no laws were broken. Regardless, Disney security confiscated his weapons and held them during his stay due to their policy prohibiting weapons.

“Our policy is clear that weapons of any kind are not allowed at our resort regardless of whether someone has a permit,” a Disney spokesperson said in a statement obtained by Newsweek.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to the incident after a bellman carrying the man’s unusually heavy bag noticed the guns inside, which prompted his manager to contact police.

Disney World
Disney World reopened in July, about four months after the Florida resort had been closed over public health concerns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Gregg Newton/AFP/Getty

The police report states that when questioned by officers about the weapons, the man said that “he brought the rifle with him for their safety because of the riots and civil unrest going on down south and in the Central Florida area,” according to the paper.

Like many areas throughout the country, protests against racial injustice and police brutality have been ongoing in the Orlando area, where Disney World is located. However, no related protests have been reported at the resort itself, nor have resort guests been targeted for any sort of physical attacks by protesters.

Another incident involving weapons occurred in July, when a Georgia woman who did not have a concealed weapons permit was arrested after Disney World security alerted police upon finding two guns and a small amount of marijuana hidden in a diaper bag as she attempted to enter the resort’s Epcot theme park.

Her arrest happened days after Disney World reopened following four months of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the resort opened its doors as cases of the virus were surging in Florida, preventative measures including reducing capacity to 25 percent may have resulted in it not being tied to any major outbreaks.

On Monday, California Governor Gavin Newsom said he was sending a team to Florida to discuss preventative measures with an eye towards eventually reopening California theme parks. Disneyland has remained closed since the start of the pandemic due to public health concerns.

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CDC Says 13-Year-Old Girl Spread COVID-19 to 11 Relatives During Summer Vacation

In the last few months, children have vacillated between unlikely vectors and walking biological weapons depending on who you asked and on what day. The CDC is underlining the fact that yes, children can spread coronavirus by sharing a new report on a 13-year-old girl who passed COVID-19 on to 11 of her relatives across four states.

The transmission in question came after the unidentified girl traveled with her family to a summer family gathering in a large house. The child had been tested after being exposed, with her test falsely coming back negative ahead of the trip. After the teen took the test, she started to experience nasal congestion, which was the only symptom she had.

The family, which included people that were aged 9 to 72 years old, came together from disparate parts of the country with 14 people staying in the house that contained the teen. The family reportedly did not practice social distancing or wear masks. “Fourteen relatives, including the index patient, stayed in a five-bedroom, two-bathroom house for 8–25 days,” the CDC’s report stated. “These relatives did not wear face masks or practice physical distancing.” 11 people contracted the virus and two needed to be hospitalized, though all have recovered.

Another branch of the family visited the home, but wore masks and remained outside the house. None of those people contracted the virus. As numbers in the US continue to rise, flu season adds a complicated wrinkle and the vaccine still appears far off, it’s important to remember that there are practices, such as wearing a mask, that can reduce the risk of spreading or contracting coronavirus.

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13-Year-Old Gave COVID To 11 Relatives Across 4 States During Family Vacation: CDC


Nearly a dozen people across four states were infected with the novel coronavirus by a 13-year-old girl during a three-week family vacation over the summer, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The teenager, whose identity remains anonymous, was exposed to COVID-19 during a “large outbreak” in June, leading her to take a coronavirus test four days later. She tested negative and was not showing symptoms at the time, the report states.

But two days later, the teen began experiencing nasal congestion, a symptom of COVID-19, on the same day she, her parents and two brothers traveled to a family gathering at an unconfirmed location, where 14 of them stayed in a five-bedroom, two-bathroom house for between eight and 25 days.

The attendees ranged in age from 9 to 72 and belonged to five households in four states: Rhode Island, Illinois, Georgia and Massachusetts, according to the CDC report.

Six additional relatives (an aunt, an uncle, and four cousins) visited for 13 hours during the trip but maintained social distance and stayed outdoors. None of them tested positive for the virus.

Getty Coronavirus

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Including the teenage girl, 12 of the 14 relatives staying at the home – none of whom social distanced or wore masks — began exhibiting COVID-19-related symptoms and were subsequently found to have been infected with the virus.

One of the family members was hospitalized, according to the CDC, while another was treated at an emergency department care for respiratory symptoms. They have both recovered.

RELATED VIDEO: Resident Doctor Dies of Coronavirus at 28 After Treating COVID-19 Positive Patients in the ER

Resident Doctor Dies of Coronavirus at 28 After Treating COVID-19 Positive Patients in the ER

Adeline Fagan, who was in her second year of residency, tested positive for COVID-19 in July

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After the CDC investigated the cases throughout July and August, the 13-year-old girl was determined to be the “index patient” given that she began showing symptoms prior to any other family member that was infected.

The teen’s initial COVID-19 test, done before the trip, was likely a false negative, according to the CDC report, “because it was performed before symptom onset.”

The CDC said that the outbreak further proves that children and adolescents can serve as the source of COVID-19 spreading, even when their symptoms are mild. In addition, it shows that lack of social distancing will likely result in further spreading of the virus, per the CDC.

As of Tuesday, there are over 7.8 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, while at least 214,900 people have died, according to the New York Times’ database.

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Teen infected relatives in four states during family vacation, CDC says

In a recent Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report released by the CDC, 11 separate coronavirus cases across four states were traced back to one 13-year-old child.

a sign on a plant: coronavirus COVID-19 CDC HHS us centers for disease control and prevention department of health and human services federal agencies approve

© iStock
coronavirus COVID-19 CDC HHS us centers for disease control and prevention department of health and human services federal agencies approve

Exposure to the virus occurred during a three-week family gathering at which five families met. The age of the attendees ranged from 9-72 years-old. The families shared a five-bedroom, two-bathroom house and the CDC report points out that the family members did not wear masks or practice social distancing.

It should be noted that although several states began requiring masks to be worn in public in April, data confirming their effectiveness in combating the spread of the coronavirus was not known until late June and the shared house would not necessarily classify as a public space. Six relatives who later joined the event remained outdoors and practiced social distancing without staying at the house.

Of the 14 people who stayed inside the house, 12 were later diagnosed with COVID-19 after experiencing symptoms. None of the six people who stayed outdoors were diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The report used this incident to highlight that children and teens can be the source of COVID-19 outbreaks in their families even if their symptoms are mild and show the demonstrated benefit of social distancing.

The necessity to quarantine after possible exposure, even with a negative test, is also indicated in the report.

These recommendations come as President Trump recently held a rally in Florida on Monday less than 20 days after experiencing severe coronavirus symptoms. Trump’s doctor reported on Monday that he had tested negative for the virus on consecutive tests using the Abbott antigen test.

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The death of the city vacation

Around the world, cities are taking a pounding from Covid-19 as travelers are avoiding visiting large conurbations during the global pandemic. In turn, tourism numbers in metropolises have plummeted. In Madrid, tourist arrivals dropped by 63.8% during the first half of 2020.

a person in a wet city street in the rain: With Broadway closed through May 2021 and NYC's Times Square looking very different these days, many travelers are passing on the urban vacation.

© Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images
With Broadway closed through May 2021 and NYC’s Times Square looking very different these days, many travelers are passing on the urban vacation.

The components that usually make for a great city escape are now the very reasons travelers are staying away. Crowded museums, restaurants and public transportation aren’t appealing in the time of Covid-19 when we’re encouraged to socially distance ourselves to lower the risk of contagion.

Avoiding the big city

“Many cities have been hit hard by the pandemic, so it’s not a good look to go gallivanting around while people are dying,” says New York-based travel writer and editor Teddy Minford.

Minford canceled a trip to Mexico City in March but is eager to visit as soon as it’s safe to do so. “I’m hoping to travel there as soon as I’m welcome in order to support one of my favorite travel destinations with tourism dollars,” she says.

a bird sitting on top of a sandy beach: Due to the pandemic, travelers like Patricia Estrada are opting to visit Italian towns like Calabria (pictured) instead of large European cities.

© Alfonso Di Vincenzo/KONTROLAB/LightRocket/Getty Images
Due to the pandemic, travelers like Patricia Estrada are opting to visit Italian towns like Calabria (pictured) instead of large European cities.

Mexico has been hard hit by the virus with 761,665 reported cases and 79,088 deaths. The population of Mexico City is estimated at nearly 22 million people making it difficult to avoid crowded places. Trips to Mexico’s capital usually include visits to world-famous museums, street-side taquerias, and day trips out to ancient Indigenious sites such as the Teotihuacán pyramids.

a man sitting on a rock next to a bus: Staying in a big-city hotel is out; RV travel is in.

© Airstream
Staying in a big-city hotel is out; RV travel is in.

Mexico is open for American tourists but as Minford doesn’t yet feel it’s responsible to visit Mexico City she’s been visiting family in rural areas of the US. “A remote visit feels safer. The chances of accidentally getting somebody sick feels lower simply because you’re barely seeing anybody.”

What’s even open?

The decline in city vacations is a result of people heeding advice regarding avoiding crowds, indoor activities and high-risk attractions. Travelers are also deterred by the fear of getting stuck in a city that’s liable to go back into quarantine.

There’s also uncertainty about which attractions are open for visitors as many major cities are under partial lockdown. “We haven’t booked a single city-focused vacation. Fear of the virus has a lot to do with it, but, it’s about missing out on the actual experiences,” says Sarah Groen, owner of Bell & Bly Travel. For her clients, trips to Chicago, London, Beijing and New York are off the table.

Coronavirus has halted the urban retreat. Hotel occupancy declined 77.6% in municipal markets. Rural counterparts are performing better. For example, the Hilton Garden Inn Auburn in Auburn, NY (pop. 26,000) told CNN Travel that the hotel’s occupancy rates are leading the top 2% of

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Vacation home demand soars during coronavirus pandemic

Home sales are booming in popular vacation spots, as the pandemic leads more Americans to seek places to work or relax within driving distance of home.

In traditional vacation destinations such as Key West, Fla., Ocean City, N.J., and Traverse City, Mich., online house shopping and pending sales are up relative to the country overall, according to a new analysis by Zillow Group Inc.


Similar to the recent rise in interest for suburban and rural homes that are a car ride from major cities, the growth in demand for homes in vacation towns shows how Covid-19 is reshaping home shoppers’ priorities, said Jeff Tucker, senior economist at Zillow.

“Home shoppers are particularly motivated to shop for a home in these markets because right now they have the freedom to probably work from home in many cases and even have their kids go to school from home,” he said. “They would get a lot more time to actually enjoy the natural amenities in these locations.”

In the 20 U.S. metro areas with the highest share of vacation homes, page views of for-sale listings on Zillow in August rose more than 50% from a year earlier, while nationwide page views rose 37% in the same month.

In 12 of those markets, including Hilton Head, S.C., and East Stroudsburg, Pa., in the Poconos region, pending sales in the week ended Sept. 26 were up more than 30% from a year earlier. Nationally, pending sales rose 22% year-over-year in the same week, Zillow said.

The pandemic-driven recession has deepened the country’s economic divisions. Many higher-wage workers who are able to work from home can put money they would have spent on entertainment or international travel toward buying a home. Home sales around the country have risen to the highest level since 2006, buoyed by record-low interest rates.


Second or vacation homes are rising as a percentage of all mortgages. Mortgage-rate locks for second-home purchases made up 5.3% of all locks for purchases in the week ended Oct. 9, up from 3.9% at the start of the year and 4% in the same week last year, according to the American Enterprise Institute.

U.S. home prices have risen 3.1% since February, according to Zillow. Some vacation spots have posted stronger gains, including Ocean City, up 6.4% in the same period, and Sevierville, Tenn., up 4.9%, according to Zillow.

In the Panama City, Fla., metro area, Zillow page views in August were up 74% from a year earlier. Pending sales in the week ended Sept. 26 rose almost 24% year-over-year, Zillow said.


“We’ve always been a drive-to destination, which during this pandemic has been vital for people” who want to travel while

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This bushwacker coffee tastes like a beach vacation

If the bushwacker is the unofficial frozen cocktail of the Alabama Gulf Coast, then the bushwacker coffee from Southern Shores Coffee is its unofficial brew.

“A lot of people down here call it their pre-game,” says Mark Lindsey, who, with his wife, Heather, started the Gulf Shores-based coffee company about seven years ago.

It took six months of trial and error, Mark says, to perfect the bushwacker flavor in roasted coffee form. He knew that if he could re-create the taste of Kahlua, chocolate, coconut, rum and ice cream, he would have a winning flavored coffee. A self-described purist, he was determined to do it by roasting those flavors into the beans.

“It was an idea that became an obsession until we nailed it,” he says. “It tastes spot-on.”

When they took it to the National Shrimp Festival one year, the Lindseys sold out of the bushwacker flavor. “That’s about the time we realized he had something,” Mark says.

The family moved to south Baldwin County from Ohio about 13 years ago. Mark was a manager in the copier industry, and Heather worked in telecommunications. When their daughter and son played soccer on school and travel teams, they made an adventure out of visiting as many coffee shops as possible in other cities.

“My daughter and I are coffee nuts,” says Mark. Once they started experimenting by roasting coffee for themselves at home, “it kinda grew.”

The operation moved to a Daphne warehouse, where they spent their nights and weekends roasting and packaging coffee.

Finally, the Lindseys decided it was time to open a brick-and-mortar coffee shop. They found the perfect spot in a small shopping center on 20th Avenue across from Hope’s Cheesecake.

“It’s a little off the beaten path,” says Mark. “I was hesitant. She wasn’t.”

By “she,” he means Heather. And Heather was correct. “After 26 years, she’s normally right,” he says with a laugh.

The 900-square-foot coffee shop opened in December of 2018. “I took a leap of faith opening this place,” says Mark, who enjoys meeting the locals and tourists who visit Southern Shores. He has a special fondness for the snowbirds who flock to the beach every winter.

Today, all the roasting is done in that location. “I’m always roasting something,” he says, including about 30 pounds of bushwacker-flavored coffee beans per day.

The Gulf Shores shop has done so well that the Lindseys opened a second location in Foley in May. Located on busy Highway 59, the Foley shop is much larger, with almost 3,000 square feet of space, a drive-thru that’s “big enough to handle boats,” and a pool table in the front. It also has a full kitchen.

Mark runs the original location in Gulf Shores, which is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and Heather operates the Foley location, open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Both shops are closed on Sundays, but their

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Lender for Disney Vacation Club Resales secures $25 Million

In response to the pandemic, Vacation Club Loans lowered down payment requirements and lowered interest rates to help consumers save cash both short term and long term. This was well received by buyers and helped many sellers move their vacation club points faster.

“Vacation Club Loans has been a shining star during a very difficult economic period,” said Colebrook Financial principal Bill Ryczek. “While many businesses are struggling to survive, it has prospered and has constituted a growing portion of our volume. We’re delighted to increase the company’s funding availability and play a role in their success.”

Over the past five years, Vacation Club Loans has seen a steady increase in contract pricing over this same period; the average loan balance has steadily increased by approximately 12% each year.

About Vacation Club Loans, LLC
Serving the United States and Canada to those who wish to purchase vacation ownership points. Its easy loan approval process and flexible payment plans for up to seven years have made it a pioneer lender in timeshare resales across all brands. For further information visit www.vacationclubloans.com

About Colebrook Financial Company
Colebrook Financial Company is a lender specializing in the timeshare/shared ownership industry, providing hypothecation and other financing products for small and mid-sized developers in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean. For further information call Bill Ryczek at 860-344-9396.

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Vacation Areas are Trending Amid Pandemic

Metro areas with the highest share of vacation homes are seeing more interest on Zillow and higher pending sales growth than the nation at large

  • Zillow data reveals vacation home markets rising in popularity with page views of for-sale listings up nearly 50 percent from last year.

  • Listings in areas that include the Jersey Shore, N.J., Cape Cod, Mass., Key West, Fla. and Myrtle Beach, S.C., are among the most “favorited” in the U.S.

  • Pending sales in more than half of vacation-home markets are up at least 30% from last year, compared to pending sales nationwide up 22.2%.

SEATTLE, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Impacts from the coronavirus pandemic have rippled out to traditional vacation destinations, which are seeing increased interest from homebuyers as shifting priorities and preferences transform where and how people want to live.

Zillow logo (PRNewsfoto/Zillow Group)
Zillow logo (PRNewsfoto/Zillow Group)

Page views of for-sale listings are up nearly 50% from a year ago in metro areas typically considered vacation destinations, defined as metros with at least 65,000 people and five times more vacation homes than the U.S. as a whole. That’s compared to a 37% increase in page views nationally.  Vacation metros seeing an uptick in demand include places like the Jersey Shore area, Myrtle Beach, S.C., Key West, Fla., Lake Tahoe, Nev.*, Cape Cod, Mass.*, and Park City, Utah.*

Newly pending home sales are also climbing in many of these vacation markets, with 90 percent of the markets analyzed experiencing growth and half up at least 30% from last year. Places like Salisbury, Md. (near Ocean City), Traverse City, Mich., located along the shores of Lake Michigan, and Brainerd, Minn., a forest and lake region along the Mississippi River, were among areas following this trend. Those three areas all saw year-over-year pending sales increases of more than 30%.

“As millions of office workers transitioned to working from home during the pandemic, many of them reconsidered where they might like to live now that the commute no longer mattered,” said Zillow senior economist Jeff Tucker. “Vacation towns beckoned to many buyers, offering natural amenities like proximity to the ocean and mountains, along with robust retail and restaurant industries to serve traditional seasonal visitors. It’s too early to tell how many of these new vacation town home buyers are moving permanently or planning to return after the pandemic — they may not even know yet themselves — but owning a second home in a traditional vacation area provides a lot of long-term flexibility.”

It’s not just page views and home sale growth that are up in those hot vacation spots. Homes for sale in those metros also are seeing more “favorites” on Zillow, which is a way for people to catalog listings so they can return to or share them with someone later. Zillow research has shown highly-saved homes sell faster and for more money.

Listings for homes for sale in Key West,

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Chris Hemsworth Shows Off His Massive Muscles In New Vacation Photos

Chris Hemsworth is relaxing down under.

The Australian actor took a vacation from Hollywood to visit his homeland, and from the Instagram shots, he’s definitely having a blast. The Avengers star posted a bunch of beachy photos on Oct. 11 that could cause a serious case of FOMO.

“2020 has been incredibly hard for communities who depend on tourism. Obviously not everyone is able to travel at the moment but once it’s safe to do so let’s support our fellow Aussies by taking a holiday at home in @Australia,” he wrote. “@visitlordhoweisland is one of the most sustainable destinations in the world with only a few hundred visitors allowed at any one time. This paradise is home to one of the most unique ecosystems in the world, but like many small communities, it relies on tourism.”

In the photos, the star can be seen having a family-style meal on a beach shore and cliff-diving. He also posted a few scenic pictures of a blue sky, lots of mountains and clear waters. Of course, Chris also shows off his muscular body, and let’s just say he doesn’t seem to miss a gym day.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s Australia Vacation

In fact, the Thor actor even admitted to “overdoing” it on exercise in the past. In April, the 37-year-old star dished to E! News about his daily routine while self-isolating in Australia with his family.

“The first couple of weeks just went mad with the training and nothing else to do,” he shared. “And was like…over did it I think and was exhausted. So, I’ve sort of found a balance now.”

The dad of three raved about the area he lives in, alongside his three daughters and wife Elsa Pataky, since he’s still able to surf and exercise while self-isolating.

He added, “I’m thankful to be in a small coastal town like this and I feel for you and anyone in a big city that’s isolated at moment and locked in an apartment.”

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