Successful Astral Travel – A Checklist For Beginners

Are you wondering why you have not yet succeeded in having an astral travel experience? Since everybody, including you, has the power to astral travel, something must have gone wrong somewhere. Are you practicing regularly? If you are, then the problem might lie in faulty thought patterns, wrong eating habits, and other such factors.

Here is a short checklist to help you prepare yourself better for an astral travel adventure.

1. Have you done any body detoxification lately?

If you haven’t, then this might be hindering your astral projection progress. You need to focus on your physical health right away. As soon as you do a body detoxification and purify your body of accumulated toxins, you will find it easier to eliminate unwanted and negative thought patterns from your mind.

2. Is your mind free of anger and hatred?

If it isn’t, you will find it difficult to access the spiritual realm via astral travel. First, get rid of all those negative thoughts. Forgive all those who have hurt you. They really did not know what they were doing. You see, people hurt one another and are cruel to one another only because of lack of awareness and understanding. They are just babies in the spiritual world and they need to grow and develop a lot. Just as you can’t hate a baby for not walking, you can’t hate these people for being cruel and unkind toward you. Practice total forgiveness, understanding, and tolerance. Free your mind of negative thoughts of hatred and anger. This might help you gain progress in your spiritual endeavors.

3. Are you taking non vegetarian food?

If you are, then go vegan and see if this doesn’t make a change. Eat light food. Avoid taking any dinners. Since most astral travelling is done during the night hours, you will need to reserve your energies for your spiritual endeavors. You don’t want all your energy to be used up in digesting a heavy meal while you sleep and snore blissfully.

4. Do you meditate?

If you don’t, you must start immediately. Meditation enhances your power to relax and to focus better, both of which are required in order to astral travel successfully.

5. Do the colors around you make you feel good?

If not, try changing the color schemes around you. Paint your room. Purchase clothes of colors that you love. Colors do have a great role to play in how you think and feel. They can help you achieve greater control over your mind and body.

Make these simple changes in your life and see if things do not get better. You will soon have the first astral travel experience in your life.…

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Athens Travel Guide for Beginners

The fascinating subject of history as well as among the most popular getaway options of the Europe, the Greek capital Athens is truly among the most fabulous cities in the continent, prominently known as the birthplace of western civilization. With its superlative range of UNESCO World Heritage sites and incredible variety of ancient ruins, Athens have been successful to derive thousands of tourists to its doorstep and gave everyone a spellbinding experience of discovering many told and untold stories about the Greek mythology and history. Recently encountered a huge crisis of economy, Athens has rapidly recovered from the loss and is again establishing itself as one of the most spectacular getaway destinations in the Europe. People who have been thinking to plan a visit to Athens shall consider the following travel guide for beginners planning Athens holidays:

1. Transportation

Despite being affected from the economic crisis, Athens has a wonderful transport system that is not only good in quality, but also pocket-friendly as well as efficient to cover almost every major and minor attraction in and around the city. The basic public transportation such as buses, trams, subways and trains are easy to get and have stops to the major access points of every city, district and town of Athens. People who enjoy riding taxis with their custom routes shall get ready to pay a good fortune as the prices of taxis are quite expensive as compared to the public transport. So, unless you don’t wish to put a dent in your savings, then you should probably consider using public transport, until you have to access the outskirts where there is a limit of public transport.

2. Prominent Attractions

Athens is like an ocean of information and everything available here has its concrete proof which can be accessed by visiting the most prominent landmarks including Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon, Syntagma Square, National Observatory of Athens, Hadrian’s Library, Tower of the Winds, Propylaea, Athena Parthenos, Jewish Museum of Greece, Temple of Athena Nike, Tzistarakis Mosque, Agios Eleftherios Church, Presidential Palace, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments, Church of the Holy Apostles and ample of other places that are really charming and connected with the heritage, culture, tradition, religion and lifestyle of Athens as well as the rest of the Greece.

3. Best Things to Do in Athens

As much as Athens is connected to its history, this Greek capital is boasted with a marvelous diversity of culture and traditions which have been the reason why most of the tours available in Athens remain majorly sold-out. The city has this amazing range of theaters and art galleries that offer not just massive amount of information to its visitors, but also is capable to entertain with an interactive and zealous way. The theaters and performing art centers across the Athens are the prominent reason why people often adore the culture and artistic diversity of Athens a lot and enjoy being a part of it by going through some …

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