Time Travel, Higher Dimensions, Teleportation and Quantum Physics – Do They Really Exist?

Man is addictive to his imagination. Starting from the childhood, everyone grows with an imaginary world inside them. Only a very few people see their dream come true because of their hard work, luck or the fact that their imaginations were somewhat realistic. Everyone might not have thought about quantum physics but most of us have wondered at some point as “what if I could have my teenage back?”. Time travel is the concept of traveling in time. It does not merely mean to travel in time, but it really means the control over time.

The puzzling thing in science is that scientists are able to postulate extra dimensions than the physical and temporal dimensions but there is no way to feel them. What does an extra dimension mean? We are bound by time and we live across a time frame. We are all mass (objects with weight and could be felt physically) made objects but there are other dimensions as light and energy. Well we only know of energy as another dimension because we know there is energy. What if there are things that we don’t know? What if there are other dimensions that can interact with our dimensions but not us them?

What if you could travel to any spot in the universe in no time at all? How about you step inside a lift in Australia and press the button and then the lift opens and you are in the United States of America? What if the lift did not travel through any tunnel but you were disassembled into subatomic particles and then reassembled on the destination? Actually that is the thesis under teleportation. Teleportation proposes a method where an object inside a teleportation device would be disintegrated into subatomic particles and be re-integrated into the original object inside another teleportation device in the destination location. This seems impossible but science is scary; the quantum entanglement might show a green signal to this seemingly impossible method.

If the puzzle of science is extra dimensions, then the mystery of science is quantum physics. Decades ago, quantum physics was in much lesser practical stages and was mostly theoretical. Today’s technology has not only taken quantum physics practical but also made quantum physics applied in science. There are already quantum computers (at a very primary stage) operating under laboratory conditions. What is quantum physics? To explain it simple, it is the science with entirely different set of laws when you deal with particles smaller than atoms.

In fact, the time travel, higher dimensions and quantum physics all seem to be interconnected. Quantum physics states that matter could come into existence out of nothing and be destroyed into nothing. This is very much contradictory to the early days’ and today’s science. The Newtonian science stated that the matter nor could neither be formed nor destroyed. The Theory of General Relativity of Einstein brought science to a whole different level when he actually postulated in a simple formula that matter could transform …

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