Free and Easy Travel

So you have decided to take a holiday. If you sign up for a tour package, with a tour group, you’d have nothing to worry about at all. Everything is taken care of for you, by the tour agency; lodging, food, itinerary, means of travel. All you need to do is pay for the travel package. But you are the adventurous sort. You’d rather explore and read maps, than follow tour groups. Free and easy traveling will be the way to go. But what are the things you have to take note of?

First and foremost, you should be thinking of travel insurance. Your trip should be covered for any accidental events. Hence it is a must that you buy travel insurance when making your reservations. Most travel policies include trip cancellations, medical coverage and even stolen items. Tour agencies will most probably take care of your travel insurance if you make a request, too.

After that is taken care of, the next thing you should start planning is traveling details. What flights are leaving on the dates that you wish to depart, which airline has a better deal, which airline has better seats on their planes; you will have to check all these out. Following that, you will have to source out accommodation. Which hotel has a better reputation? Which hotel is nearer to the center of the city, which makes it easier for shopping? Which hotel is more accessible? Which hotel has better deals? Also, you will need to plan your activities, to make sure you do not run out of things to do. Its better to over-plan than to have nothing on hand.…

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Camper Dealers’ Rental Programs Make Long Distance Travel Easy

Most people believe that camper dealers only sell and store RVs. Not so. Rentals are growing in popularity as an alternative to expensive hotel stays during cross-country trips. Not only does renting reduce lodging costs, it also allows families to travel on their own terms, making detours to visit attractions and areas of interest along the way. So, is renting the right choice for your family? There are a few things to consider when deciding.

Eliminate the Hassle

Does your family travel every summer? Do you long for the open road in between camping trips? Are you looking forward to the sights and sounds of travel and the excitement of visiting new places? If you love camping but lack the space, funds, or inclination to purchase an RV yourself, it’s worth visiting local camper dealers to view their rental inventory. A rental allows families to take their vacation, come home, drop off the trailer, and go back to day-to-day life without the work and worry of winterizing, cleaning, and storing the vehicle. For families who love to travel but don’t love the trouble and expenses associated with owning, renting makes sense.


Purchasing and maintaining a recreational vehicle is a pricey proposition. Camper dealers offer storage options during the offseason, but there’s still the insurance expenses and registration fees. Renting eliminates all of those expenses, and you only pay for it when you’re using it. For families who only travel once or twice a year, renting may be the most affordable option.

Traveling with Extended Family or Friends

Even if you already own a small to mid-sized RV that’s large enough to travel with your spouse and children, a special trip that includes extended family or friends may require more space. A second trailer or a larger one to accommodate a larger group saves the trouble of setting up tents and reduces the hassle of trying to cram too many people into a small space. It is also often possible to rent a luxury model with more amenities, like indoor running water and a larger bathroom, for a trip that includes aging parents or inexperienced campers who aren’t used to the lifestyle. A rental can make sense when traveling with a large group.

Whether you travel frequently or occasionally, rentals from camper dealers are a great way to take your family on a road trip. Renting an RV allows room for all your baggage and provides a richer travel experience. Quiet evenings around the campfire, toasting marshmallows and recounting family stories are the experiences that will stay with you. Consider renting an RV for your next trip and make the experience of traveling part of the journey. RV rental is about more than saving money. It’s about building memories.…

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I Need A Pillow That’s Easy To Travel With

I like to travel with my twist pillow. It is often referred to as a travel twist neck pillow for airplanes but really you can use it in any chair or seat. Use it in a car, train or bus too. I actually like to use it in my recliner-I often nap there and I now no longer awake with my head bent to the side.

The pillow is made of memory foam and can be squished down but sometimes suitcase are packed with not an inch to spare. This has happened to many people. A cool thing is that the pillow has a simple, easy to use snap button at the ends so yo can carry it on the outside of the bag. With the snap clip you don’t worry about it either.

Now let’s just say the outside of the pillow gets dirty. No problem-the cover can simply unzip, be taken off, and thrown in the wash. Just like your bed pillow at home; you periodically wash the cover.

It’s nice to be able to have a pillow you can put behind the neck. Not only is the pillow soft and bendable but easy to travel with and has a washable cover.

We actually have one for everyone in the family. They work great in the car! The kids in the back love it. Their heads seem to always be flopping all over and the twisting pillow prevents that.

Not only that, but it is easy to pack or take with you. And you can clean it simply too.

“But wait… there’s more!”

“Just like the commercial”

One can put this pillow behind the back too. The low back is what they call an “elliptical” curve (kind of like an oval curve). Some people just like to put the pillow at the very lo back, others like to fold it once first. That’s a big plus when it comes to the twist pillow. You can bend it, twist it, make into a donut if you want.

I sometimes use it under my legs too. Just giving my legs that mild lift eases the back pain so much. In a seat such as a car or plane I just put it under my upper legs but after I get home I wash the cover and put it under my legs when I sleep.

I really love my twist pillow and don’t take a big trip without it.…

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Finding A Hotel Tonight Is Easy If You Read This First

The beautiful scenery of Hill Country Texas convinces many couples, families, and even corporate cohorts to travel out to the country and visit. With so much to do and so much to explore, it so no wonder day trips or short weekend escapes are popular in this part of Texas. It is not uncommon to plan a quick trip – spur of the moment – and then decide to stay awhile longer. It is helpful to have some idea of where you would want to stay. Do you need a hotel tonight? Read this.

Finding a place to stay doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. Many couples embark on a romantic day trip and have a blast exploring small towns and eating at Mom and Pop restaurants. After some wine tasting or dessert drinks, the motivation to pack up and head back home wanes substantially. In these situations, it is important to know how to find the lodging you need quickly and easily.

  1. Search online through the web or apps

Luckily, there are many apps you can download for your phones or tablets that can help you find rooms available near you. Often these apps will have estimated prices, contact information, and some may even tell you availability down to the room number! This is very handy when you need a place to stay and want to consolidate all the options into one spot for efficient decision making.

  1. Search a travel website

Similar to using the web or apps, you can go online and find a travel website that sells plane tickets and offers discounts on rental cars and lodging. Oftentimes, you can find prepackaged deals that include a few nights at a hotel and even some discounts on rental vehicles, etc. The sites are very popular and are maintained daily. Therefore, they should accurately represent availability and pricing fairly consistently.

  1. Local bed and breakfasts

This option is one of the best, especially if you are in the middle of enjoying a wonderful day trip or weekend escape. After appreciating all the charm and discoveries in your get-away destination, it only makes sense to look into the local bed and breakfasts for your lodging solution. A local bed and breakfast will offer different styles of rooms, comforting amenities, and breakfast options. The nicer spots may have a pool, hot-tub, outside kitchen or fire pits as well as a variety of guest services such as web cafes or fax and copier machines perfect for business travelers who need to work remotely or check in.

There is no need to pack up and head back home. With the tips stated above, you can find yourself in a comfortable lodging and extend your well-deserved weekend adventure.…

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