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MYRTLE BEACH — Cliffhanger Productions plans to bring an electronic dance music, or EDM, concert to a hotel on South Ocean Boulevard where attendees will be able to enjoy the concert from the comfort of their hotel room.

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton in Myrtle Beach will host the ReVibe Wellness Retreat on Oct. 30-31, where 1,600 people are expected for the nearly sold-out event. The concert is being dubbed as “the first of its kind CDC-compliant vertical musical event on the East Coast.”

Michael Frits, general manager of the DoubleTree in Myrtle Beach, said the resort has seen an increase in revenue from their drive market cities, and so they’re targeting states that allow guests the option to drive in rather than fly, including North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama and Florida.

“We predict we will have attendees from as far north as New York and Massachusetts, as well,” Frits said.

Cliffhanger has a filed special events permit with Horry County. Frits said the resort has a permit that allows for amplified outdoor noise from 1 p.m. to midnight both Friday and Saturday. He said there shouldn’t be any concern about noise.

“Our oceanfront resort is great for hosting a vertical musical event since we have two towers with large connecting lawn spaces that will force sound to bounce off the hotel and be directed toward the ocean,” Frits said. 

Two stages will be set up to face the towers at the Doubletree. Owners of Cliffhanger bought out all rooms in both towers to ensure all visitors are specifically there for the concert.

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The concert is scheduled to feature artists including: Buku, Mersiv, TRUTH, and many more, according to the announcement.

Cliffhanger Productions produced a similar event in Calgary called the Diesel Bird Hotel Music Festival in August, which sold out.

Frits said with this being the first concert of its kind at the resort and Myrtle Beach, it would be difficult to put a financial impact of the show.

“Bringing new visitors to Myrtle Beach is always a benefit of hosting a large event like this and we’re proud to help give a boost to South Carolina tourism,” Frits wrote. “At the resort, our guests will be able to purchase food from multiple dining options during the weekend, including three restaurants on-property, but from seven local food trucks as well.”

Ticket prices start at $375 per person and can be purchased at ReVibeRetreat.com, where attendees can view the weekend lineup and choose their preferred tower.

Frits said he hopes this will offer concert promoters a viable alternative to large crowds pre-COVID.

“We hope to do more vertical concerts in the future and see the potential of offering a safe alternative to large gatherings,” he said. “We take the safety of our guests and employees very serious

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Why ‘Parks and Recreation’ Fans Celebrate October 13

Treat Yo’ Self Day is the perfect day to get manicures, buy fine leather goods or eat sushi made out of fish formerly owned by celebrities. These are things that Donna Meagle (played by Retta) and Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) treated themselves to across the seasons of Parks and Recreation on October 13 every year.

In Parks and Recreation Season 4, writer Alan Yang introduced Treat Yo’ Self Day in Episode 4, “Pawnee Rangers.” In that episode, Tom describes the day: “Treat. Yo. Self. Once a year, Donna and I spend a day treating ourselves. What do we treat ourselves to? Clothes. Treat yourself. Fragrances. Massages. Treat yourself. Mimosas. Fine leather goods…It’s the best day of the year.”

The day soon took on a life of its own, appearing in a number of subsequent seasons. In fact, the day became so ubiquitous that Yang actually had to apologize to Ansari and Retta. He told Vulture in September 2018: “I apologize to Retta and Aziz because the amount of times they get yelled at on the street I’m sure is annoying.

“But it’s really fun! You’re writing for a sitcom on a network—why not have a catchphrase? And to go back to character: There’s nothing more on-character than those two characters treating themselves.”

He added: “That’s what they had in common. Finding the relationship between their characters and seeing it grow and blossom was one of the joys we had. That’s one of the fun things about doing 100 episodes.”

Speaking on Seth Meyers, Retta said of this: “If I don’t hear it 10 times a day I haven’t left my house. People tweet me all the time and nothing I post doesn’t have the comment ‘treat yo’ self’ in it. But I love that people think they’re discovering new land with it. I’ll post a new purse that I bought and they’re like, ‘girl, you know what you just did, right?'”

For Parks and Recreation and its original network NBC, Treat Yo’ Self Day 2020 is a special one, as it is the first where the show is on its new streaming home, Peacock. To celebrate, the streamer will be running sweepstakes to give away a selection of indulgences.

treat yo self day parks and rec
October 13 is a day when ‘Parks and Recreation’ fans celebrate Treat Yo’ Self Day.

The streamer is also taking the opportunity to pay tribute to real parks and recreation employees. In a video streaming on Peacock on October 13, Jerry Gergich actor Jim O’Heir will be interviewing these inspiring individuals and presenting them with an award allowing them the treat themselves this Treat Yo’Self Day.

Fans who want to celebrate the day by watching a collection of Parks and Rec‘s Treat Yo’ Self Day episodes can do so on Peacock, which has all seven seasons of the NBC comedy. The episodes set on that day are Season 4, Episode 4, “Pawnee Rangers” and Season 7, Episode 6, “Save JJ’s.”

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