Three Best Features of a Travel Neck Pillow

If you are the kind of person who is always on air travel, then you understand how inconvenient it is to get some good sleep while you’re on the go. Not just by plane, but also by road, by train or by ship, the journey really takes a toll when sleeping time comes. That is why you need something that can help you rest and relax comfortably during the trip. The best product for that is the travel neck pillow.

These memory foam pillows serve as a neck support as you slowly doze off into dreamland while you’re on your way to your destination. These travel neck pillows cover three best features and benefits namely comfort, portability and effectiveness that are very much useful to a person traveling across the country or across the globe. With those long hours and days ahead of you, the travel neck pillow will save you from the agony of sleeping while on the road.


Most pillows of this kind follow the average contour of one’s neck to provide excellent support. That way, you can have a very comfortable sleep. Using this pillow will also help you avoid some neck and sleeping problems including neck pains, headaches, snoring, stiffness and soreness in the neck area. If you have those problems, you will not be able to sleep well. Rest is much needed to regain strength and energy.

This pillow made for travel is also best when you have kids coming along because children tend to sleep more often during travel. They are also the ones who complain the most if they suffer some inconvenience. You don’t have to worry much about that when you have these pillows at hand.


Unlike regular pillows found in your house, the travel neck pillows are quite small in size. This is to give way to portability. When you are traveling, you would go for an item that is pretty easy to bring and carry around. Moreover, inflatable travel pillows have already penetrated the global market and are quite in-demand these days. This inflatable pillow provides further, portability, ease and comfort for the individual.


With comfort and portability that they give, nothing beats these travel pillows. Try to review sites, read articles and blogs and check out customer feedback and recommendations online. You’ll see that a number of people will confirm the said travel product’s effectiveness and that they are really thankful and satisfied with what these pillows can do for them and their family.…

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I Need A Pillow That’s Easy To Travel With

I like to travel with my twist pillow. It is often referred to as a travel twist neck pillow for airplanes but really you can use it in any chair or seat. Use it in a car, train or bus too. I actually like to use it in my recliner-I often nap there and I now no longer awake with my head bent to the side.

The pillow is made of memory foam and can be squished down but sometimes suitcase are packed with not an inch to spare. This has happened to many people. A cool thing is that the pillow has a simple, easy to use snap button at the ends so yo can carry it on the outside of the bag. With the snap clip you don’t worry about it either.

Now let’s just say the outside of the pillow gets dirty. No problem-the cover can simply unzip, be taken off, and thrown in the wash. Just like your bed pillow at home; you periodically wash the cover.

It’s nice to be able to have a pillow you can put behind the neck. Not only is the pillow soft and bendable but easy to travel with and has a washable cover.

We actually have one for everyone in the family. They work great in the car! The kids in the back love it. Their heads seem to always be flopping all over and the twisting pillow prevents that.

Not only that, but it is easy to pack or take with you. And you can clean it simply too.

“But wait… there’s more!”

“Just like the commercial”

One can put this pillow behind the back too. The low back is what they call an “elliptical” curve (kind of like an oval curve). Some people just like to put the pillow at the very lo back, others like to fold it once first. That’s a big plus when it comes to the twist pillow. You can bend it, twist it, make into a donut if you want.

I sometimes use it under my legs too. Just giving my legs that mild lift eases the back pain so much. In a seat such as a car or plane I just put it under my upper legs but after I get home I wash the cover and put it under my legs when I sleep.

I really love my twist pillow and don’t take a big trip without it.…

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