Recreation vehicle, boat sales revved up in July

With COVID keeping Canadians closer to home this summer, sales of recreational vehicles, sporting equipment and home hardware items have soared, according to Statistics Canada data released Oct. 13.

The ‘staycation’ concept advocated by the tourism sector seems to have paid off as consumers had higher than normal spending on products to be enjoyed outdoors.

Spending on recreational vehicles was up 47.3% for July compared with July 2019; sporting and leisure categories were up 29.8%.

Leading the increase in the categories were new recreational boats (up 58.2%), new motorhomes, travel trailers and truck campers (up 47.4%) and hunting, fishing and camping equipment (up 40.2%).

Canadians were spending more around the home as well. Hardware and renovation supplies were up 83.3%, major home appliances up 20.2% and small home appliances up 41.3%.

National retail sales reached $57.2 billion dollars in July, up 4.8% compared with July 2019, Statistics Canada reported.

The national agency said the increase marked the second consecutive increase in year-over-year sales for the sector, with sales reported in 12 of the 19 commodity categories monitored.

The agency said advance estimates for August provided by the Monthly Retail Trade Survey suggest unadjusted total retail sales increased by 1.7%. The agency cautioned the figure is preliminary and subject to revision.

StatsCan said Canadians’ new habit of eating at home has persisted for the fifth consecutive month with sales of food showing the largest year-over-year with an increase at 12.1%.

And, food and beverage sales accounted for just over one-quarter (25.9%) of all retail receipts in July, up from 24.1% in July 2019. But, while those sales continue to represent a larger than average market share, that share declined considerably from the record high seen in April (38.0%).

The product sector’s largest gains were seen in:
• fresh fruit and vegetables (+14.5%);
• fresh meat and poultry (+14.7%); and
• eggs and dairy products (+14.4%).

Beverage sales were up 14.8%, led by alcohol, up 14.3% from a year earlier.

But, as people stayed home, sales of automotive and household fuels represented the sector’s largest decline, down 22.4%.

The agency said the decline was primarily due to automotive fuels, with sales at the pump down $1.1 billion on a year-over-year basis.

And, while some consumer spending has begun a rebound, motor vehicle sales continued to lag in July, down 1.3% from a year prior.

It was new vehicle sales holding back the category, with sales decreasing 4.9%. This was the fifth straight month of negative growth in this category.

Consumers continued to look for deals in the used car market, which saw its second consecutive month of positive growth, up 13.1% in June and 4.6% in July.

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Recreation Vehicle – The Essentials Of Buying A RV!

Looking for recreation vehicle can gets quite confusing when new to RV camping. You would not know where to look out for the vehicles on sale. How to find a great place to buy this recreation vehicle from? Whether we should buy used one or a new one? To make this whole scenario simple, just follow through few steps to go about buying a recreation vehicle. When you plan your purchase, you are sure to land with the best deal possible.

First of all, in case you want to buy a used one, make a list of the things you want to check while looking at the second hand vehicles. As anybody can get duped easily when buying a second hand RV, it might be in real bad condition therefore it is better you plan the things you would want to check when seeing second hand recreation vehicle.

Make sure that the vehicle does not have any loose screws which do not tighten, or bubbling in the exterior panels etc.Check for lights as well as roof lining of the vehicle. Check all the cupboards and also drawers of the recreation vehicle. Lots of second hand recreation vehicles have minor or major problem which the owner of the vehicle may not be keen on revealing, therefore a good review is mandatory before the purchase to save time as well as the money.

And if you plan to buy a new recreation vehicle, then you can bargain almost up to the forty percent. As a matter of fact, many recreation vehicles which have been put up for sale are most of the time marked 40%,so therefore there definitely is some room for bargain on the price. Also do not buy a dead brand RV.

These orphan companies may discontinue the business and your vehicle may never get the after sales service from these companies, as they are no more. The repair may cost you a lot when going else where then the parent company. Also one more thing you will have to think of is dealer coverage. Every brand of recreation vehicle has different levels of national repair shop coverage. Choose a brand of recreation vehicle which has wide national repair shop coverage.

The two things that you should keep in mind while purchasing the recreation vehicle is

1) Resale value

2) Use

If your plan is to sell your recreation vehicle in the future at some point of time, then make sure you will not have problems the brand you are purchasing. Many buyers may shy away due to the dead brand, or because of only one bathroom, bathroom through the bedroom etc.Also how do you plan to use your RV?

If your plan is to go for a tour of the country, then buy a model of recreation vehicle which is dependable on highways. If you plan to spend most of the time at the various campsites, get a recreation vehicle which has a layout that suits your relaxation pattern.…

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