4 ways to prepare for post-COVID travel

Many of us fear a recession and many industries have been disrupted, but we still have to earn money, pay bills, and put food on the table, so our daily tasks have remained relatively the same. You can take advantage of that.

If you want to plan for an inexpensive vacation, using travel credit cards is one of the best ways to minimize your travel expenses. You can pay for your everyday purchases, such as bills and groceries, with a credit card and earn valuable rewards along the way. It’s easy to do, and certain card issuers are even offering COVID-19 perks on specific cards right now.

With these perks, you can earn bonus rewards points that wouldn’t normally be available. In particular, you can earn bonus points on grocery purchases when using many Chase and American Express credit cards. Cards such as the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card and The World of Hyatt Credit Card don’t typically offer any extra points for spending done at U.S. supermarkets, but this feature is now available for a limited time.

Two other rewards cards included in this limited-time bonus offer are the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Chase Sapphire Preferred. These credit cards are generally thought of as two of the best travel credit cards available because of their reward rates, generous sign-up offers, and access to amazing travel deals.

When you earn Ultimate Rewards points with either of these cards, you can then redeem them toward travel in the Chase travel portal. Travel redemptions can include flights, hotel stays, rental cars, and more. So you can earn bonus points on all the groceries you’re amassing right now and then redeem those points toward travel later on.

Ultimate Rewards points can generally be redeemed at a 1:1 ratio (one point equals 1 cent) for cash back and gift cards, but when you redeem them for travel with the Chase Sapphire cards, they’re worth more. Points are worth 50% more in travel with the Sapphire Reserve and 25% more in travel with the Sapphire Preferred.

That means 50,000 points earned with the Sapphire Reserve would be worth $750 toward travel. For the Sapphire Preferred, 60,000 points would be worth $750 toward travel. And you can also transfer your points to more than a dozen Chase transfer partners in the airline and hotel industries. This gives you plenty of flexibility when searching for great award travel opportunities with brands like Emirates, JetBlue, United, World of Hyatt, and Marriott Bonvoy.

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Discount Travel Deals Info – Ways to Find Budget Airfare and Hotel Rooms for Your Next Trip

If you feel the need to get away for a few days, you’re probably looking for discount travel deals. Whether you want a simple weekend getaway or an all-out vacation, there are a variety of tools and travel promo codes available to help. No matter where you want to go, it’s best to stay flexible with your plans. If you have a specific destination and dates in mind, your search might be a bit more difficult – especially if it’s tourist season in that location.

One way to get a good deal is to look over “undercover hotel” offers. The prices are so low that the hotels don’t want to advertise the offers outright; you won’t find out the name of the hotel until after the booking. While this may seem like a gamble, many top-name hotels like Marriott, Hilton, and Sheraton are involved with these offers. You can usually view some information about the neighborhood the hotel is located in and the types of amenities it offers before you decide whether or not you want to book.

Another way to obtain discount travel deals is to use budget airlines. More and more budget carriers are offering long haul trips – some of which are even offering flights to other countries. WOW and Norwegian Air are two airlines to look into if you want to fly internationally. For domestic flights, consider Jet Blue or Allegiant Air.

Flying direct might not always be the answer, either. Sure, you might get to your destination a lot faster, but you might end up paying a lot more. It might be a lot cheaper to book a flight to another city first, and then book a separate flight from that city to your intended destination.

Warnings for Discount Travel Deals

Watch out for airfare that seems TOO low. You might wind up getting hit by a bunch of hidden fees. Some smaller airlines charge extra for onboard drinks and snacks – including water. You might also get charged for a carry-on bag. Be sure to read over the fine print to determine if you really will be getting a good deal.

You can save money if you book with a hotel and airline that are partners with each other. On travel booking sites, there is usually an option to combine your flight and your hotel room. There are also memberships and loyalty points to consider. If you’re an American Airlines AAdvantage member, for instance, you can earn points for staying at hotels such as Best Western, Hilton, Marriott, La Quinta Inn, etc. Convert those points into free air miles. There are many, many opportunities like these. Some credit card companies also reward points that can be redeemed for airfare or free hotel rooms.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see any discount travel deals right away – sometimes it takes just a bit of patience. The perfect offer will eventually pop up.

Online, you can find all of the information you need about discount …

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